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PHP Generated Rich HTML Emails!
Adding Class to Automated Emails

Published on May 31, 2016 @ 03:48pm
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Hosted Libraries and Resources
Options for Developers Keep Growing

Published on May 31, 2016 @ 03:38pm
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3DTV Has Physical Side Effects
Be aware dangers of propensities for those with siezures

Published on May 31, 2012 @ 03:41pm
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For the Geek Side in You

Geek Birthdate
One of my First Web Apps

Let me calculate your Geek Birthdate automagically for free, right here, right now. Just enter your name and birthdate month and year. Then click the button to see your personalized Geek Birthdate!

Get your Free Geek Birthdate Calculated!

Enter Your Name:
Enter Your Birthdate:

Code by Cool Cats
Web Programming for Code Geeks

I am working towards bringing in some new code projects and snips, and considering opening up the CoolCoders group to anyone who may be both interested and aspires to do some fun advantageous projects!

Learn how to generate professional HTML formatted Emails with PHP! Sending a login with a text email is okay, but this will blow people away with the awesomeness! It would make for great Email Newsletters, too. Many templates to choose from. Free! Learn the do\'s and don\'t\'s of styling Email messages.

Generate PHP HTML Emails!

Whimsied Extra Endevors
Wee! Miscellanious Extraneous Activities!!

Personalized Photo-Boxes with embedded photos has been my latest side project. I created a Pantgraph for my Dremel and went to work on creating some unqiue gifts for friends and family. I didn\'t do any painting, just wanted some nice wood work they can keep. Some I did do some free hand carving and added a tree and such. I did photo transfers to the lids and sealed them so they last.

Raised-Bed Garden with Rainbarrels is something I\'m wanting to try. I have the barrels, pipe and hose for the rain catchment and treated wood for the raised garden bed. The rain catchment will be another fun spring project and will aid in easy watering of the garden.

Table of Contents for Us Geeks who Like Code


I enjoy putting articles and projects together that are fun and entertaining, or very useful. Be aware these may not be strictly code related.


Information on CSS3 includes helpful ways to beautify your web application from basics to frameworks like H5 Boilerplate and BootStrap.


Things I learned coding for the newer H5 specs and ways to enhance web applications by leverage APIs like localStorage and geoLocation.

ES6+ Javascript

Keeping up to date with advances in Javascript is another crucial area, with Promises, Generators and much more in implementation across browser vendors.

Web App Security

This covers some good practices for obtaining more enhanced security for your web applications and sites, such as new encryption methods and database access.

Apache & PHP5+

Server-Side Backend Apache Server and PHP5+ from security to rich HTML Emails are covered here. Learn about the better encryption algorthym and update from md5 with PHPass. More.

Code Snips Tips!

A collection of code I\'d found useful or solves an issue such as deprecations, or tips on better ways of programing to avoid the pitfalls of problematic issues such as cross-browser capabilities.


Resources for Editing, Converting and Optimizing images, as well as methods for handling images, from uploading and cropping to resizing and renaming. PNG and SVG are covered here.


Data can come in many forms from many sources. Covered are methods ranging from client side methods such as localStorage to server sided MySQL using PDO with prepared statements.

Available Web Services

$300 Flat Fee
Includes 1yr Ltd Support
Basic CMS Website
  • Editable & Secure
  • Automated Backups
  • 5-Page Context
$500 Flat Fee
Includes 1yr Ltd Support
Custom Websites
  • Very Secure
  • 5-Page Context
  • Premium Features

I put Art on Most Anything!

Besides Posterboard...

On my Computer Case...

On Wooden Shapes...

On Cloth Man-Aprons...


On BLACK TShirts!!!

Even on Outbuildings.

Hire a Spraypaint Artist or Buy some Original Artwork


Group Artworks!

Creating art while you watch is fun with the instantaneous and versatile medium of Spraypaint. Let me teach your group how to create works of art with rattle cans!

You get an Award Winning artist showing you how to make amazing art you get to keep. Prices vary, children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

10 People: $250.00 USD

25 People: $500.00 USD

Inquire Now


Spraypaint Artist

Consult with me to see what I can do for your Computer, Skateboard, Wall or whatever object you might want a little extra color, flair, style added to. Maybe your biz needs a little advertising and your truck needs a facelift.

I\'ve done vehicles, boats, shirts and many mediums are possible to put art on. If you have an idea in mind, let\'s talk and see what we can come up with!

Request Info


Order some Art!

I am taking orders for Posterboard and Canvas artworks of Celecstial, Landscape or Sci-Fantasy themes. Batman and the City pieces are FREE with all orders!

All orders must be sent to within the USA. Any shipping and handling fees are not included. Garraunteed personal receipt of ordered merchandise; damaged pieces reworked for free upon verified proof of detruction/damage.

Order Now!


Live Performances

I\'m not sure how many I will be able to do this year, but I always seem to show up somewhere over the summer months. If anything develops, I\'ll let you know. Brodhead is probably a first confirmed venue.

Read More

Geek Birthdate and HTML5 Canvas Games!

Geek Birthdate
What\'s YOUR Geek Birthdate?

A fun little web-app that calculates your actual Geek Birthdate based on your real age and the rise of the personal home computer. Is your BC or AD? (Before Computers or After Ditital) Plug in your Birthdate and Find out now!

HTML5 Canvas Game

This was my first try at creating a pure Javascript driven game using HTML5\'s Canvas API. I will look at improving the game and making more if my time permits me. But here\'s the classic, first iteration of JetAttack!

RoBattle V2
V1 has been Deprecated

RoBoattle V1 is still available to those who may still happen to run the old, outdated Silverlight browser plugin. However, it will be entirely deprecated in future with a new version that will be done as an HTML5 Canvas based game.

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if I am active I usually check in here. I have much go by on my busy Timeline of connections.

Through Twitter

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"Let my eyes be not so blinded by faith that I cannot see the truth for what it is."

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