My Website is Returning SOON!!!
My Absence was Unavoidable, My Apologies!

What Is Goung On with TommyRay? For one he is speaking of himself in the third person which may be a concern, I have not yet decided. But let me just say that 2017 has NOT been a stellar year thus far and has wrought much stress upon me, usurping my time and energies.

However I am perservering and survivng and am making many changes in my personal life and, should things not improve, in my professional life unless I happen to suddenly receieve a little love in the form of some appreciation. At any rate, I am preparing the website for possible new position/employer hunting and setting up my portfolio.

What is in store for the future? Despite having many personal changes occurring throughout this entire year ahead, I will have my website back online and functional in a more limited capacity very soon and do appreciate your patience. I will try and make it worth the wait! In addition, I may indulge myself and continue developing my online game JetAttack!

Guesstimated Dates of my Return Considering everything happening, I am going to have to say it will be more of a Piecemeal return as I slowly add things back in. I will have something THIS WEEK so be prepared for this page to change! I'm currently contemplating what to do it in, there are so many options and I may go straight HTML/Javascript with little to no PHP. We will see!